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i [ai] Used as a prefix in computing to imply “Internet”, “information”;
Wikipedia Encyclopedia
eye [ai] The calm region at the centre of a storm;
Oxford English Dictionary
iStorm [ai sto:m] Software development company;

Hurricane winds blow in a large spiral around a relative calm center known as the "eye". The "eye" is generally 20 to 30 miles wide, and the storm may extend outward 400 miles.

iStorm is a dynamic software development company, located in Targu Mures, Romania; a team of young people, with great ideas and energy, that go to conceive software tools & products that help people to improve their lives, work and day-to-day communication.

The center, or eye, of a hurricane is relatively calm. The most violent activity takes place in the area immediately around the eye, called the eyewall. At the top of the eyewall (about 50,000 feet), most of the air is propelled outward, increasing the air's upward motion. Some of the air, however, moves inward and sinks into the eye, creating a cloud-free area.

iStorm integrates new technologies to develop proper solutions, to create new opportunities with our products to highest technical and economical performances. We are capable to put in practice each new idea and think the best way to provide excellent services to our customers.